towerhouse I

towerhouse I

AWARDED 1st Prize “Best First Building of a Young Architect” DOMES International Architecture Review (jurors: B.Tschumi_Bernard Tschumi Architects, P.Ciorra_MAXI Museum, R.Sakellaridou_SPARCH) 2012

SHORTLISTED  MEA Mediterranean Sustainable Architecture Awards 2013 International Design Competition (jurors: A.Ghaneimeh, G.Akin, P.Tournikiotis, A.Zammit, A.Ortiz)

SHORTLISTED Architecture Awards 2012 Hellenic Architecture Institute EIA 2012

HONORABLE MENTION Architects<40 SADAS Greek Architects Association 2014


Tower-house I interprets the form of dwelling, widely found throughout the outer Mani, ­southern Greece; a combination of defense tower and farmhouse. This was articulated by a monolithic, stone structure with few openings, so as to protect dwellers from extensive heat as well as piracy. The surrounding landscape is characterized by dry stone retaining walls transforming a steep topography into a series of arable plateaus; these long walls were the most prominent man-made intervention in this harsh landscape for centuries.

The new tower-house contemplates exactly this; a mass among existing preserved retaining walls and a few new concrete ones. There are no seams at the white, stucco facades, only the dark frames of the apertures. No elements project from the main ­volume, except a steel frame in front of the main view, ­accommodating temporary screens.

The interior of the box, articulated by the double-height living room and the shallow dining room ­emphasizes the idea of Mani topography; infinite view of the sea at living area and close vicinity of the olive orchard at dining area and the kitchen. The interior embraces a protected and quiet-zone area at the second floor, the very core of the dwelling.
The program also addresses a typical, Greek, ­cultural issue; the need for flexibility of space due to ­future family growth. Thus, the house is designed to ­potentially become a ­­double-dwelling in the future.


status completed
program single residence
area 250m2
location Mani, Greece
team Chrysostomos Theodoropoulos, Eleni Livani (design), Konstantinos Iliopoulos (structural engineer),  George Tsairis (construction), Erieta Attali (photography)

year 2007-2011